BPI Manufacturing is one of the biggest names in farming equipment throughout South Africa and neighbouring states, as well as other Sub-Saharan countries on the African Continent. More than 50 years of history and heritage confirm its leading role in the agricultural equipment industry and a market leader in Africa through its vast experience, distributing through a network of over 500 cross-continent dealers. BPI Manufacturing is furthermore the largest farming implement manufacturer on the African continent.

FiMAKS Farm Machinery, a large manufacturer of farm machinery located in Bursa, Turkey, consists of modern assembly lines, high-tech equipment and a state-of-the-art electrostatic powder painting system with a pre-treatment of shot blasting systems to provide durable and reliable machines to customers. FiMAKSguarantees the utmost in terms of functional and reliable products which are now proudly distributed in Sub-Saharan Africa by BPI Manufacturing.

MASCAR is a manufacturer of farm machinery specialising in the production of agricultural machines for haymaking and seeding producing a complete range of round balers, bale wrappers and planters, both for precision and mechanical seeding. The MASCAR factory is situated in Vicenza, Italy and its range of imported quality products are now distributed to Sub-Saharan Africa by BPI Manufacturing.


BEDNAR, a Czech Company and one of the largest suppliers of agricultural machinery in Central Europe, is now distributed under exclusive licence by BPI Manufacturing to Sub-Saharan Africa. The inspiration for the developmentBEDNAR machines can be traced back to the genuine needs of the farmer and created specifically for the needs of agricultural enterprises. BEDNAR strives to conceive, produce and distribute high quality products based on the most demanding requirements of farmers and the agricultural industry. The design and primary intention for the machines is agronomic methodology by helping agricultural entities minimise investing costs whilst increasing production and eco friendliness.